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add Michiana Rocketry Three Oaks site per Evan Schober <>
Add Alaska Northstars Rocketry Club sites
Add RGV Wilde Field
Add Latin American Space Challenge
Add Tri-Cities site
Add Gorge Rocketry launch site
add another launch field in Latvia
add Tripoli Gerlach at Erica Bradley's request
add NASA Houston Rocket Club field
add Southwest Michigan Association of Spacemodeling Hobyists launch site
add ROC Launch Site (Lucerne Dry Lake) to known site list
add privacy policy
add URL for org responsible for the site in Turkey
add a launch site by request, apparently in Turkey
two new launch sites .. in Poland!
another launch site, this time in NZ
add LDRS 39 site on Bonneville Salt Flats
Add Dallas Area Rocket Society (Gunter)
Add tripoli NSW sites
Add Tripoli Mid Ohio site
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Add tripoli houston south site
Fix Akronville lon. Add austin club
Add Tripoli Phoenix (Eagle Eye) launch site
Update white sands location, add four options to cover the area
Fix white sands lon
Add white sands launch site
two new sites from Charles Hakes
drop Rainbow Valley, add KOFA, per Mark Weidhaas email of August 2019
Add tripoli north texas cache creek launch site
Comment: Bdale,
Tripoli North Texas has a new launch area in Seymour Texas to add. coordinates are
N 33 30.040968
W 99 20.160204
we call it Cache Creek. Our first launch is June 26-28 for clubs around here. 16k AGL is our waiver.
Resort St Cecilias sites
Add St Cecilia's school launch sites
Add Fort Myers (FL) Tripoli site
Add indiana rocketry tab field
Add new brunswick rocketry sites (Mark Robbins <>)
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
add Tripoli North Texas (Akroville) as per Al Gloer
Add QRS Funny Farm (thunda down under location)
Add Florida Spacemodeling Association (FSA) Dyer Park site
updated launch sites with 2 new sites
add a quick link to the web store contact form for now
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